Dinkrit Sethi has developed Swasthya after being involved in health and fitness for 14 years. Ever since his childhood Dinkrit was eager about Sports and outdoor games made him naturally fit. After suffering health troubles in his family at the age of 17 with his parents suffering from Chronic diseases, he had decided to lead by example towards making the world a healthier place. As he grew up he lost two of his friends to addiction related accidents and this further his resolved in being a role model for health for the people around him.

After a long journey from being a Business Development Manager of software companies, through successfully working with entrepreneurs of software companies, learning foreign languages, handling luxury real estate and writing a published book on Self Awareness, sustaining peak health was a problem but essential to set better examples.

Swasthya came to existence as a result of major personal and professional tragedy. Having completed education into preventive Healthcare through the American College of Sports Medicine, and getting certificates  in both Personal Training and Exercise and Nutrition(spl Weigh Management) and being the Head of Business Development at one of the premium real estate companies, the defining moment which led to the creation of Swasthya took place.

Suffering great personal and professional loss at the age of 29, Dinkrit was hurled into the deep end, life could have gone either ways but Dinkrit used the breakdown as a breakthrough and created a medium to spread better mental, physical and spiritual health calling it Swasthya.

After that Dinkrit has served many people who he leads by example by living what he preaches. He has furthered his knowledge base with more education on holistic health and wishes to illuminate people and create a healthier and happier world of people who can inspire others around them.

Here is a list of list degrees and accomplishments:

AUTHOR of 6 Ways to the World

Internationally Certified Holistic Health Coach

ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Traner

ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Weight Management and Sports Nutrition Specalist through Nesta

Pursuing PGDM in YOGIC Sciences

Short term courses in Pilates, HIIT and Home Workouts

JUJUTSU (Martial Arts) Practioner


Swasthya is a Sanskrit Word for Health, it means self-dependence or a sound state of the body and mind. “swa” means natural and “sthya” menas state or place, we aim to use Holistic Health Methods to restore your natural state, your balance, to make you free of mental and physical afflictions.

We are a health,fitness and lifestyle consultancy formed with the main idea of raising health awareness through science based knowledge sharing. With the main aim of making you your own health and lifestyle consultant, our internationally certified professional experts analyze and customize your lifestyle and provide you with hands on knowledge and tools to enhance it.

As every being has different emotional, mental, physical and spiritual designs, we can’t have two similar health and lifestyle plans. With this in mind our experts guide you step by step in order to make healthier lifestyle choices in terms of holistic health rather than put you on a temporary diet or workout plan.

We believe in quality over quantity, thus we have pledged to only cater to limited genuine clients. This allows us to create a deeper understanding with our clients and thereby delivery better services in a shorter time.

We are one of the first Indian consultancies in the Holistic Health segment which has a qualification process for clients. We only cater to people who are genuinely serious about achieving their health goals as we believe they will get better value for money from us.

We want to use our services to spread health awareness so that people can indulge in optimum healthier practices. The knowledge gained from us will help you become more independent while taking decisions about your health, like creating your own meal and workout plan or choosing the right health consultant, dietician or a personal trainer.