Holistic Health Journey starter pack

holistic health

Holistic Health implies regularly maintaining and upgrading the complete package of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spritual Health.

Without a holistic approach you might get the temporary satisfaction of good looks. Yet you will not get contentment or sustained happiness. Your changes will either reverse or you will be on an endless race with zero fulfillment. Holistic Health ensures that you enjoy the process of lifestyle change and as  a result fast track results which are sustainable.

Built on the pillars of holistic health all transformations become successful sooner than later, otherwise chances are that after the initial excitement and enthusiasm goes away, you will quit. A holistic health approach focuses on your whole identity rather than just how you look, that’s why it is recommended for all ages.

Here are 5 tips that will help you start your holistic health journey:

  1. Take time to define a morning ritual combining movement and meditation.
  2. Be more mindful of the food you consume, avoid multi tasking while eating.
  3. Take a break. From office, from your routine, from your need to compensate for the hard work. Sit alone and make peace with stillness.
  4. Start writing a journal. A Gratitude Journal, a self exploratory journal or anything that you want to write. Give it 5 mins per day.
  5. Start reading a Book for 10 mins everyday. Anything you like.

Once you have initiate this and sustained it for a week come back to us for the next step. This is the most general method to kick start a holistic health program. For something more specific and customized to your schedule, book an appointment.

Author: Dinkrit Sethi

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coach

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