Home Workout for Beginners | Static Holds for good Posture


This home workout for beginners  comprises static hold for good posture and strength building with minimum risk of Injury. They willl help you start your health and wellbeing program.

Perform each hold for 600 seconds each in the span of a week.(in case of singe side holds perform the opposite side too)

In the next week perform each for 650 seconds

In the third Week for 700 Seconds each.

And Finally for 750 seconds each in the fourth week.

Note your time for each on your phones and keep updating it and see how you mantain these static holds for good posture.

If you are able to complete this home workout for beginners for four weeks, you will see a massive change in your body, in your posture and also your self accountability, discipline and confidence.

Empowering and Self Initiated  Home Workout for Beginners

Do them whenever you get time or in a specific time interval. Either all together or individually.

These can both Supplement your workout or be workouts in themselves.

Single Leg Hold with Horizontal Hand Hold

Hip Thrust
Hip Thrust Hold
Horse Stance
Horse Stance
Plank Hold
Side Squat Hold
Side Squat Hold with Raised Hands(Do for Both Sides)
Dog Bird Hold
The Dog Bird Hold (Do for Both Sides)
Side Squat Hold
Side Squat Hold with Raised Hands (Do for both sides)

This home workout for beginners will be ideal to correct form, keep you focused and accountable and give you the perfect combination to ensure you don’t get hurt but are challenging yourself for growth.

Do let us know which one you liked most. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook while doing these and use the hashtag #swasthyahome

P.S. Though these are simple holds with minimum risk of Injury, do not over stretch yourself, do not hold for so long that you get out of the pose awkwardly. Make sure you are getting off the hold in a graceful manner, imbalanced and forced actions while getting off are not recommended.

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Author: Dinkrit Sethi

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coach

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