Holistic Health and Wellbeing Mastery

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Imagine being the master of your Soul’s Vehicle ( the body , the heart and the mind) and realizing and enhancing your Soul( life) energy and then using it to fulfill your life’s meaning.

Aligning your physiology, psychology and spiritual powers in order to restore, rejuvenate or enhance and uplift yourself.

Well this program will help you with the same. By absorbing this course in 28 days of practice you will be set up the foundation for mastering your holistic health and well-being, taking full ownership of every moment, day and years of your life.

Let’s Resole to Evolve, together, when you shine you become a guiding light for thosse around you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Be Your own Coach, Nutritionist, Trainer
  • Develop Sustainable Habits
  • Master your Health and Well-being

Topics for this course

19 Lessons33m 43s

Start with Self Assesment

Self Assessment00:01:05

The Principle of Consolidation?

Consolidations uplifts all your life efforts.

The Rolls Royce Health and Wellbeing System?

Make your workouts customized and premium just like a Roll Royce. You Deserve it.

The Rainbow of Sustainable Health?

Getting healthy and staying healthy depends on the 7 colours of the rainbow of sustainable health.

Self Authorship Program?

This Program will help solidify and sustain your health and well-being.


Links to well researched and verified health resources

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Material Includes

  • Video, PDF's, Pictures, Notes


  • Use the information mindfully
  • Download and print the sheets


Target Audience

  • Starting off your Health Journey
  • Trying your Health Journey more Efficient
  • Stuck with Limited Mindset about Fitness
  • Wanting to create your own Health and Wellness Schedule
  • Struggling with habit change
  • Trainers who would want to help their clients better
  • Want to become a one on one client with Dinkrit Sethi