Holistic Health Tip – The Importance of SMART Goal Setting

The most useful holistic health tip in terms of lifestyle transformation is, start your mental effort before you start actual physical effort.

Without setting an agenda, a plan, an objective or a goal for your healthy activities you will merely be running around in circles. Getting back to where you start with minimal change in terms of health, happiness and energy.

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) is a must to succeed in your time, energy and money investments on your health and happiness.

Particularly in India, people tend to over look goal setting as they are more focused on doing to prove a point to others than for themselves. This is furthered by the lack of knowledge and education among local gym trainers who don’t have the skill set or mindset to focus on goal setting. As this requires more effort they are better off ignoring it all together.

holistic health tip
Goal Setting is the first brick on your way towards building a castle of good health for yourself. It helps build the necessary skills to lead you to become discipline, independent, self sustaining and self motivated in terms of your health.

With better goal setting you are less likely to fall in the trap of doing things to please others or satisfying your own ego. Instead you will be more aligned and aware with your own self and compete only against yourself. This will lead to endless progress and set the tone for a fruitful lifestyle program which is endless.

Keeping in mind that you are investing your invaluable time to better yourself and not proving a point to others is the hallmark of a good goal setter. Understanding ones limitations and strengths along with the specific life situation is also integral to be able to do justice to this health tip.

Try to incorporate this holistic health tip or invest in a coach who can help you create better long and short term goals for yourself through his expertise and experience.