Mental Health Transformation control Physical Transformation

If your trainer, nutrition and fitness consultant doesn’t help you upgrade on your mental health no matter how entertaining your exercises or foods might be, you wont be able to sustain them for long enough.

A Mental health transformation is critical to every physical transformation. Without solid values and virtues, your fitness is like a fruit bearing rootless tree, only good for one season.

Mental health doesn’t only involve remedial work on an insane person, but all the activities which can be used to help a person make progressive decisions for themselves. Some aspects of mental health very important for the field of health and fitness are:

  1. Discipline
  2. Self Awareness
  3. Self Motivation
  4. Self Worth

Discipline is the most important pillar of Mental Health. Without basic discipline fitness transformation is either not possible or not sustainable. Don’t depend on others to pick your weights, re-wrack them, don’t throw them. These are the absolute basic etiquette any trainer should help you imbibe.

Self Awareness is the ability to identify what you want to achieve and set realistic goals with your trainers and plan your health plans around it, rather than aimlessly working like a farm cow.

Self Motivation is a very tricky topic for inexperienced trainers, nutritionists who believe if they empower you, they will become less relevant. On the contrary people tend to notice this good training practice and stay loyal to trainers and nutritionists who help them find the energy fuel within.

Self Worth is how you value yourself. Along with building your muscles, or losing weight, a good trainer/nutritionist should talk to you about your self image. Otherwise you will always be non accepting and dissatisfied with your physical state. You will keep achieving your goals yet never be present enough to enjoy the process.

Trainers/Nutritionist good Mental Health Practices

A trainer/nutritionist can easily go on Youtube or copy workouts and nutrition programs, but the tough part always is to understand the specific client and their mental state and help the client improve mentally, even if it comes at the cost of disappointing the client at certain times.

But because of so much competition and fear trainers/nutritionists tend to want to make the clients happy, doing what they want and never make them progress to better levels of themselves.

As a person seeking transformation you should assess at a trainer/nutritionist by the customized value they add in every session in terms of educating and empowering you.

This is the exact reason why one should be mindful before hiring a trainer/ nutritionist. One should ask herself if they hiring one to be more comfortable or to progress? Both cannot exist together. You will only transform if you puncture your comfortable bubble of everyday life and progress to a higher mental level, the body will follow. Mental health is a must.



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