Home Workout for Beginners | Static Holds for good Posture

This home workout for beginners  comprises static hold for good posture and strength building with minimum risk of Injury. They willl help you start your health and wellbeing program.

Perform each hold for 600 seconds each in the span of a week.(in case of singe side holds perform the opposite side too)

In the next week perform each for 650 seconds

In the third Week for 700 Seconds each.

And Finally for 750 seconds each in the fourth week.

Note your time for each on your phones and keep updating it and see how you mantain these static holds for good posture.

If you are able to complete this home workout for beginners for four weeks, you will see a massive change in your body, in your posture and also your self accountability, discipline and confidence.

Empowering and Self Initiated  Home Workout for Beginners

Do them whenever you get time or in a specific time interval. Either all together or individually.

These can both Supplement your workout or be workouts in themselves.

Single Leg Hold with Horizontal Hand Hold

Hip Thrust
Hip Thrust Hold
Horse Stance
Horse Stance
Plank Hold
Side Squat Hold
Side Squat Hold with Raised Hands(Do for Both Sides)
Dog Bird Hold
The Dog Bird Hold (Do for Both Sides)
Side Squat Hold
Side Squat Hold with Raised Hands (Do for both sides)

This home workout for beginners will be ideal to correct form, keep you focused and accountable and give you the perfect combination to ensure you don’t get hurt but are challenging yourself for growth.

Do let us know which one you liked most. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook while doing these and use the hashtag #swasthyahome

P.S. Though these are simple holds with minimum risk of Injury, do not over stretch yourself, do not hold for so long that you get out of the pose awkwardly. Make sure you are getting off the hold in a graceful manner, imbalanced and forced actions while getting off are not recommended.

For personalised guidance and consultation for home workouts for beginners book a Consultation


Holistic Health Journey starter pack

Holistic Health implies regularly maintaining and upgrading the complete package of Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spritual Health.

Without a holistic approach you might get the temporary satisfaction of good looks. Yet you will not get contentment or sustained happiness. Your changes will either reverse or you will be on an endless race with zero fulfillment. Holistic Health ensures that you enjoy the process of lifestyle change and as  a result fast track results which are sustainable.

Built on the pillars of holistic health all transformations become successful sooner than later, otherwise chances are that after the initial excitement and enthusiasm goes away, you will quit. A holistic health approach focuses on your whole identity rather than just how you look, that’s why it is recommended for all ages.

Here are 5 tips that will help you start your holistic health journey:

  1. Take time to define a morning ritual combining movement and meditation.
  2. Be more mindful of the food you consume, avoid multi tasking while eating.
  3. Take a break. From office, from your routine, from your need to compensate for the hard work. Sit alone and make peace with stillness.
  4. Start writing a journal. A Gratitude Journal, a self exploratory journal or anything that you want to write. Give it 5 mins per day.
  5. Start reading a Book for 10 mins everyday. Anything you like.

Once you have initiate this and sustained it for a week come back to us for the next step. This is the most general method to kick start a holistic health program. For something more specific and customized to your schedule, book an appointment.

Mental Health Transformation control Physical Transformation

If your trainer, nutrition and fitness consultant doesn’t help you upgrade on your mental health no matter how entertaining your exercises or foods might be, you wont be able to sustain them for long enough.

A Mental health transformation is critical to every physical transformation. Without solid values and virtues, your fitness is like a fruit bearing rootless tree, only good for one season.

Mental health doesn’t only involve remedial work on an insane person, but all the activities which can be used to help a person make progressive decisions for themselves. Some aspects of mental health very important for the field of health and fitness are:

  1. Discipline
  2. Self Awareness
  3. Self Motivation
  4. Self Worth

Discipline is the most important pillar of Mental Health. Without basic discipline fitness transformation is either not possible or not sustainable. Don’t depend on others to pick your weights, re-wrack them, don’t throw them. These are the absolute basic etiquette any trainer should help you imbibe.

Self Awareness is the ability to identify what you want to achieve and set realistic goals with your trainers and plan your health plans around it, rather than aimlessly working like a farm cow.

Self Motivation is a very tricky topic for inexperienced trainers, nutritionists who believe if they empower you, they will become less relevant. On the contrary people tend to notice this good training practice and stay loyal to trainers and nutritionists who help them find the energy fuel within.

Self Worth is how you value yourself. Along with building your muscles, or losing weight, a good trainer/nutritionist should talk to you about your self image. Otherwise you will always be non accepting and dissatisfied with your physical state. You will keep achieving your goals yet never be present enough to enjoy the process.

Trainers/Nutritionist good Mental Health Practices

A trainer/nutritionist can easily go on Youtube or copy workouts and nutrition programs, but the tough part always is to understand the specific client and their mental state and help the client improve mentally, even if it comes at the cost of disappointing the client at certain times.

But because of so much competition and fear trainers/nutritionists tend to want to make the clients happy, doing what they want and never make them progress to better levels of themselves.

As a person seeking transformation you should assess at a trainer/nutritionist by the customized value they add in every session in terms of educating and empowering you.

This is the exact reason why one should be mindful before hiring a trainer/ nutritionist. One should ask herself if they hiring one to be more comfortable or to progress? Both cannot exist together. You will only transform if you puncture your comfortable bubble of everyday life and progress to a higher mental level, the body will follow. Mental health is a must.



Holistic Health Tip – The Importance of SMART Goal Setting

The most useful holistic health tip in terms of lifestyle transformation is, start your mental effort before you start actual physical effort.

Without setting an agenda, a plan, an objective or a goal for your healthy activities you will merely be running around in circles. Getting back to where you start with minimal change in terms of health, happiness and energy.

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) is a must to succeed in your time, energy and money investments on your health and happiness.

Particularly in India, people tend to over look goal setting as they are more focused on doing to prove a point to others than for themselves. This is furthered by the lack of knowledge and education among local gym trainers who don’t have the skill set or mindset to focus on goal setting. As this requires more effort they are better off ignoring it all together.

holistic health tip
Goal Setting is the first brick on your way towards building a castle of good health for yourself. It helps build the necessary skills to lead you to become discipline, independent, self sustaining and self motivated in terms of your health.

With better goal setting you are less likely to fall in the trap of doing things to please others or satisfying your own ego. Instead you will be more aligned and aware with your own self and compete only against yourself. This will lead to endless progress and set the tone for a fruitful lifestyle program which is endless.

Keeping in mind that you are investing your invaluable time to better yourself and not proving a point to others is the hallmark of a good goal setter. Understanding ones limitations and strengths along with the specific life situation is also integral to be able to do justice to this health tip.

Try to incorporate this holistic health tip or invest in a coach who can help you create better long and short term goals for yourself through his expertise and experience.