Best Yoga Asanas for Holistic Health

best yoga asanas

These best yoga asanas not only help you develop strong physical health, but also calm the mind and uplift spiritual health. Yoga involves movement,mindfulness and meditation. All three are critical to your holistic health.

While you practice asanas, you stretch and balance in different physical positions which has a direct impact on your hormonal glands, blood circulation, organ health, along with muscle and joint health. Along with this it also has a stabilizing effect on your mind which stretches beyond the regularity of normal life into pure awareness and oneness with the spirit of the universe.

These Asanas are beneficial in many ways, one of them is the ease of access. You don’t need to get dressed, travel 30 mins and pickup pre workout post workout meal  or worry about what others are thinking to start off with some of the basic asanas.

AS the movements get advanced it is better to take assistance from a trusted and credible yoga master. The scope of practice for the asanas has to be defined by oneself. Selection of basic asanas suiting your requirements, degree of difficulty you would like to put yourself through are all a personal choice but a consultant will help you plan and progress better.

Here are 8 best yoga asanas with their specific benefits, these vary in difficulty from basic to advance so don’t try them if you are uncomfortable. Also only stretch as much as you can and slowly extend and hold on to the maximum point of stretch for 10-30 seconds instead of doing jerks and sudden movements.


best yoga asanas best yoga asanas best yoga asanasbest yoga asanasbest yoga asanasbest yoga asanas

Best time for performing 8 Best Yoga Asanas

Although early morning is the best time for these best yoga asanas yet you have to make time for them  as per your life’s schedule. You can also book our Mediation and Mindfulness program which helps identify your exact requirements and helps you build a customized yoga and meditation practice including these 8 best yoga asanas and many more.

Author: Dinkrit Sethi

Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coach

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